About John

John Mahoney is running for a seat in the Massachusetts State Senate to bring his core values of transparency, accountability, and honesty to Beacon hill.


As a 4-term member of Plymouth’s Board of Selectmen, John has a unique understanding of the issues we face not only here in the Plymouth and Barnstable District, but across the Commonwealth. We face great challenges with regard to our infrastructure, housing, public health, and environment. John is up to the challenge of meeting each head on. 


Yet, John is also someone who has strived to balance those needs with the “kitchen table” needs of every family and will work tirelessly to preserve your hard-earned dollars. We face skyrocketing costs of living here in Massachusetts. People are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. To John, that is unacceptable. 

Some say you can’t do both. That you can’t ensure progress, better schools or a cleaner environment, while at the same time breaking the perpetual cycle of tax increases needed to fund those goals. That the two are simply incompatible. 


John knows they’re wrong. 


As a member of the Plymouth Selectboard, John has never been afraid to say, "This isn't working - We need a new approach." A new approach is exactly what John will bring to Beacon Hill. 

Who is John Mahoney?

Born and raised in Pembroke, John’s parents were both teachers and members of the Massachusetts Teacher’s Association. Together, they instilled in him working-class values that he has always kept close to his heart. Those values were instrumental in John’s earning the rank of Eagle Scout for his meritorious service and outstanding leadership. It was also what drove him to seek public service and value an honest day’s work and paycheck.

John has lived in the Plymouth for 22 years. In addition to serving as a 4-term member of the Plymouth Board of Selectmen, John, much like his parents, is a proud union member (International Union of Elevator Constructors - IUEC Local 4) with Kone Elevator Company.

Most importantly, John is the proud father of Christian, 13 years old, and enjoys coaching his baseball team. John and his son are both passionate about baseball, and John previously served 4 years as a Babe Ruth League coach and a term as Vice President for the league. 


John holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Bridgewater State University 

A History of Public Service

Even as a young man, younger even than his son is today, John had a keen interest in current events and a yearning for public service. That became a reality for him in Plymouth, first as an elected member of Town Meeting, followed by an appointment to the Advisory & Finance Committee, and ultimately earning the voters' confidence and winning a seat as a member of the Selectboard. He currently serves as the Selectman Liaison to the Nuclear Matters, Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel, Natural Resources and Coastal Beaches, and Community Preservation committees. His past experience on the Selectboard also includes serving on the Open Space, 400th Anniversary and Commercial Land Study committees.


John is proud of the many accomplishments made by the Select Board during his tenure. Whether working collaboratively with fellow Board members to bring results to fruition, or standing firm by his conviction against the majority, he has been an active leader in improving town government in many ways, including:

- Ensuring the town Enterprise Funds are not reliant on General Fund subsidies as of FY13.


- Pioneering the Holmes Dam removal at Town Brook.


- Creating a Nuclear Mitigation fund as a budget offset for the issues revolving around Pilgrim Station.

- Working with AECOM to embark on a 40-year sewer expansion plan that will begin in the Route 44 expansion zone, creating new jobs and revenue for the town.


- Working with State legislators on a Home Rule Petition, allowing the town to deal with retirees directly on post-employment benefits (OPEB), a fixed cost savings measure.


- Educating Town Meeting members on the importance of vital Community Preservation articles.


- Eliminating "Golden Goose" loopholes in the Town Manager's contract.

- Advocated for state resources for the creation of the new Plymouth North High School, Plymouth South High School, and Senior Center with minimal impact to the town's budget.

- Upgraded to the Town of Plymouth's Standard & Poor's bond rating from AA to AA+, and receipt of the best audit in town history by Powers & Sullivan, LLC.

A Few Words From John

“I firmly believe that public service is just that; a service to the public. It would be an honor and a privilege to be your voice on Beacon Hill. I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming special election. If elected, I will not let you down. Thank you for your time and consideration.”


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